Richard Oakes



Brian 'Noddy' Martin

Drums & Backing Vocals

Kettering boy Brian best known as Noddy started playing the drums at 6 years old and joined is first band at the age of 14. Then turned professional at the age of 18 joining Gina and The Strollers he toured extensively and performed on there first two albums and single which got plenty of air play on radio one.


He then moved on to play for Rusty Steel and the Tin Tax and later started to work as a DJ. After a break from live music he established is Pallet business. Brian (Noddy) returned to the stage first with the late great Alan Mills Hucklebuck Band then joined the Rocking Earth Tremors in 2002 eventually going back to The Strollers in 2003
where he stayed with the band till 2016.


He also runs a rock n roll club in Burton Latimer with is wife Sarah. He owns four drum kits but is favourite is the limited edition Gretsch kit which there was only 36 made and he owns the only kit in the UK. Now ready to bring you all the best with the Rockets !!

Paul Hitchcock


Also a Kettering boy Paul. Moved to Northampton aged 7 where I started guitar lessons at school. Now living in Leighton buzzard with wife Debbie. Joined my first band ” Rockin John & The Rougues” at the tender age of 13 as rhythm guitarist. First gig was at the Fanciers Club in Northampton.


Band evolved over 2 years to become Chevy 57 in which I took lead vocals and lead guitar. This band ceased in that format in 1982 when the drummer was seriously injured in a car accident.


After a ten year break I picked up the guitar again and played in numerous bands including ” Broken Glass” (rock / blues) , ” Captain Flash and the Phasermen” ( Rockabilly) and The 2 Tones (Ska band) eventually joining rock n roll band ” The Ghostriders” in 2002 playing the rock n roll circuit in the UK and abroad until 2011. After another long break I’m excited to be heading out on the road again with Richie & The Rockets. Basically it’s taken me 37 years to transform from Rougue to Rocket Man.


Krzys Strzelczyk


since 2009 technical wizard Krzys gained his musical experience through years of gigging in his native Poland and all over Europe before settling in the UK.


His virtuoso keyboard skills constantly amaze audiences and have effectively pulled together all the other musical elements of the band to shape the big rockin’ sound of Richie & The rockets today.


A true professional and highly respected musician, Krzys can be seen pounding the ivories of his Gem piano most nights with a wide selection of other bands

Kurt Simms